Happy New Year!


It’s January 1st, and with it came a brand new design. I also made a big clean up of the site. I relegated the old flash stories in page (in free fiction) and deleted all the posts. All new for 2013.

2012 was a nice year, but I want 2013 to be extraordinary.

My goals for next years are pretty simple.

  1. Writing 200K works.  I was 40K short in 2012, but with some perseverance, it should be better this year.
  2. Completing the edition of Tie the Knot, my nano novel. It tells the story of Kevin, an ex-LNH player whose quest of love sent him in front of the camera in a TV reality show.
  3. Keeping contact with my friends, because two years that’s way too long without seeing them.

I don’t really anything more concrete as terms of goals for this years, but I think that’s a good start.

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