Home is Where the Heart is (+ROW80 Update)

It is Wednesday which means two things; flash fiction and ROW update.

Let’s start with the Flash Fiction. This story is part of another universe I created last April. The first story can be read here: Rough-and-Tumble, but this is not necessary to understand this one.

My Wednesday Brief Story? FOllow the link: Home is Where the Heart is

Here’s the other Wedbriefers and their flash stories:

Nephylim     m/m

MA Church    m/m

Elyzabeth VaLey      m/f

Lily Sawyer     m/m

Chris T. Kat   m/m

Cia Nordwell     m/m

MC Houle      m/m

Julie Lynn Hayes m/m

And here’s for the update:


I haven’t been editing much Monday and Tuesday, but I’ll be heading for the library when it opens to compensate. I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I am going to modify a little my goals for the challenge. It’s still going to be roughly the same time of editing, but instead of an everyday time, I’m going to try a weekly one. I think it’s going to be less stress for the same results. So here’s my new goal:

I will be editing Tie the Knot for five hours per weeks.


To read about my other ROW80 challengers’ updates:

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