I’m taking back control of the Blog

I’m really feeling like I’m back into the rythm of things, and it starts with making sure I actually do the things I set out to do.

With any other resolution, I have to hope it’ll stick this time.

And to put all the chances on my side, I’m starting slow this time, instead of coming up with a million post a week. First, the photograhy are back.

The main reason they’d stop coming was because I had some trouble with the wordpress application on my tablet.

Believe me when I say I took enough pictures in the last few months to last me a lifetime.

The only other post on the schedule right now is the Flash Fiction which are still on the occasionnal for the moment. I really want to concentrate on my longer work for the moment.

So from now on until my return to Canada in October, the photographs are your only sure value.

I shouldn’t mess that up.


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