Lisbon, Portugal

I have been in Lisbon for about two weeks, but haven’t done much in terms of visiting. I have some beautiful pictures of the neighborhood of Belem. Of its tower and its monastery I did visit a close-by little town of the name of Cascais with a Norwegian friend I met in Madrid.

I’ve got only a few days left, so I should be doing some visiting soon before I miss out. The next stop is Porto in Portugal, from where I’ll head for the UK meet in September.

Mostly I’ve written a lot, a good 10K+ since my arrival in Lisbon. I didn’t much advancement with The Scarlet Shadow, but I started a short story about child-acting, and a foodie F/F short story.

It’s my first time with lesbian fiction, but since I have an idea for a F/F time travelling novel in my rooster, this short story is going to be a bit of a test run. This still untitled short story in the world of food blogging isn’t just my first in the genre, but my first female point of view since my early days writing Draco/Hermione fanfictions more than ten years ago.

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