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One of my good friend, Helga mentioned the Writing Excuses podcast enough times for me to get interested. The hosts and their guests are brilliants (as oppose of what their tag line pretends), and I’ve listen to most of the nine first seasons. The fifteen minutes format is perfect for on the go.
They are doing things a bit different for their tenth season. Every podcast of this season will bring you closer to a finish project. You can have more on that by visiting their website.

I really advice to listen the podcast.

Every Friday from now on, I will be posting my progress on the class. Because we’re already two episodes in, and that I may write multiple posts per homework, or some homework could be longer than what I can do in once sitting, my progress won’t be posted in real time. It should, however, made it easier for me to be consistent in posting.

Now, that being said, I will see you Friday, where I’ll talk about some story ideas.

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