Time to get back into the Groove

I’ve been travelling throught Europe for almost three months, and I still haven’t blog about it. 
I’ve travelled in ten different countries, and I still have about five to go until I get home.  I’m leaving Barcelona for Madrid tomorrow morning, and after two weeks at the same place, I feel a little bit sad to be leaving.

I love learning about other countries history, and I wished there was more of it in school. Some part of the Scarlet Shadow world has been inspired by what I’ve learn about the Second World War and communist regims around the world. It probaly could have been better for productivity in terms of words, but it’s been pretty good for ideas.     The plot for the first book of the Scarlet Shadow series came to me after listening to local legend from Hamburg, Germany.

I’ll try I won’t try, I WILL be writing more about it until the end of the trip. 

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