Why do you write?

This was the question asked in this week Flash Fiction Challenge on Chuck Wendig’s blog, and I thought it was a good question to start the new chapter of my blogging experience.

I don’t always feel like I know how to answer this question.

I write because I do.

But that’s not really the most verbosed answer.

When I look at my childhood, here is so many hint that pulls me toward writing as a career that I find it hard to believe I haven’t always known.

Every game I played would have a storytelling aspect in it. I would create lenghty character portrait before make-believe games with my friends or my sisters. Whether it was barbies, figurines or little cars, if there was no story it was boring and I wanted no part of it. (Shout out to the girl my parents forced me to play with who just wanted to play dress up and brush her barbies’s hair.) My primary school had some craft books about creating a physical book with a spine and everything. Couldn’t get enought of it. With my girl friends, we would plan magazine to publish, not that it ever go anywhere.

Still, somehow, I don’t think I even considered there was someone being paid for writing the story.

Then I discovered fanfiction, and I published my first stories where Sirius Black got to live. I started writing more and more,

The more I wrote, the more ideas jumped to mind. Characters started talking to me, or talking to each other. I always got some dialogue or another in mind, and sometime they repeat it over and over until I write it down.

As long as I have characters, I have stories to tell.

So I suppose ‘I write because I do’ is as good an answer as any.

So tell me? Why do YOU write? Alternativcely for readers, why do YOU read?

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