Winter 2019 Quarterly Goals

  • Write 20 minutes for 90 out of the 92 days for the quarter (gywo goal).
  • Finish lessons 3 to 5 of Holly Lisle’s How to Write a Novel course (Writing goal)
  • Make a list of the books I want to read (reading challenge)
  • Read at least one book of the list. (reading challenge)
  • Review the books I love.
  • Test out different recipe for soaps (etsy goal)
  • Test out different body butter recipe (etsy goal)
  • Research Canadian supplier for affordable necklace bases and decorative trinkets (etsy goal)
  • Unclutter and keep the craft table clean. (life goal)
  • Make a career plan.
  • Revamp/update the website
  • Clean my email box

Total: 12 goals

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